The Movement

It is no longer business as usual. 

Businesses need employees who are fully engaged and committed to helping weather the economic downturn.  We need to keep and encourage employees to bring ideas to work.

What if instead of "Casual Fridays"...we had "Running Shoe Mondays"?  Employees committed to helping the business wear their running shoes on Mondays.  It encourages employees to be focused on looking at new sales opportunities, operating efficiencies, and back office processes in a new light.

What if we started our week's with "Running Shoe Monday" meetings?  And the entrance ticket into the meeting is to wear your "Running Shoes" and bring an idea.  We can no longer afford to burden the owners and managers to be the only ones to comes up with new ideas.  We need to empower and encourage our front line people, our sales people, and our office staff to bring ideas to the table.  Monday morning meetings must no longer be management dictated orders.  We need employee input.  We need our employees with their "Running Shoes" on.

And yes...we may need to give employees a template or an area to focus on.  And if you are really brave...encourage all ideas to the table.

Make a difference, join the movement today!

Contact us for information on how you and your organization can become a part of the movement!

Contact Norma Havens or Bob Belknap at
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