Sep 20, 2010   
Shoe Gram, vol.76
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20/20 Answers the "Why"

Last week, we talked about selling your “WHY” and going beyond the “what” in your company or government agency. Here is an innovative idea that we guarantee will help you.

Have everyone on the company keep a separate pad of paper by their phone. The key is to write down every question they get. Even if it is a seemingly dumb question, write it down. Keep this log for at least a couple of weeks. You can also make note of the answers that you gave to these questions.

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Here is your swift kick in the butt challenge: Innovating and listening to our customers is the key to staying ahead of our competition. With these questions, you will see a pattern of customer “whys”. Now make sure your team understands the “whys”.

In your Running Shoe Monday Meeting, pass out the pads of paper to go by the telephone. Tell everybody we are playing a game of 20/20. If we knew the top 20 questions our customers will ask and can deliver an answer with clarity and purpose in the absence of direct supervision, how much stronger will we be? After a couple of weeks, start reviewing the questions and developing the answers. It’s an innovative way to help beat the recession and be better positioned to take care of customers in the future.

Call us and share your results. Let us know how it is working for you.

Norma Havens or Bob Belknap at The University of Street Smarts are available to speak to your company, trade association or convention on this and other subjects. Call (775) 746-5340 or Toll Free at (877) 414-9985.
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