Mar 8, 2010   
Shoe Gram, vol.48
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Customers in total shock!

It is really a lot of fun when you can shock your customer with your customer service to the point they are in disbelief. They are shocked that they are being treated so well, so professionally and with so much care. Here is a story that truly demonstrates the point.

A commercial jet landed at its destination and as the plane taxied the flight attendant made an announcement requesting passenger Mr. Jones to please see the Captain before leaving the plane. You can only imagine what Mr. Jones must have thought.

As he approached the front of the plane, he identified himself as Mr. Jones. The Captain shook his hand took him aside and told him that he had received word that his suitcase had not been loaded on the plane. The Captain wanted him to know that he had already personally taken care of having it put on the next flight and was assured that the bag would be at the destination and the local people had been notified and are ready to have the suit case delivered to Mr. Jones’ hotel by 11:30 AM that very day. All he needed is the name of the hotel where Mr. Jones would be staying.

Now many of us at one time or another has had a bag lost. I’m sure none of us has had the Captain of the plane let us know what had happened before we got off the plane. In most cases we’ve gone to the baggage claim and watched the carousel go around 5 times after the last person grabbed their bag and headed for the door. We look frantically for the correct counter to file a lost bag claim and wonder if we’d every see our bag and clothes again.

There are two things at work. Obviously Mr. Jones feels really good about the way he was treated. Equally important, our employee…in this case the Captain was empowered to make a difference and take care of this passenger. And now, this passenger will be telling all of his friends what a great job and wonderful experience he had with this airline when one of life’s little mishaps happened.

In your Running Shoe Monday Meeting, discuss ways of empowering your employees so they can take charge in making sure your customers have a great experience. Ask them to share “life’s little mishaps” that have happened and tell them what they are now empowered to do. From this, you will experience two results. First, your customers will have another reason to love and appreciate your company and want to do business with you again. Second, your employees will have a new and or renewed sense of belonging and like they make a difference with the company. You will absolutely make their day and make the day of a customer.

Next week we’re going to talk about how you can make somebody’s day.

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