Mar 15, 2010   
Shoe Gram, vol.49
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I'm a "Day Maker!"

How many times over the course of time have you told someone or been told by someone, “You really made my day”? 

Much like in Shoe Gram # 40 from January 11th when we talked about appreciating 5 people a day, telling someone or being told, “You really made my day” is a great boost and a lift for the recipient.

About 4 years ago we were in Tucson, Arizona on Mother’s Day with Norma’s mother. We were having lunch before flying home and the waitress was literally running ragged. She had more tables than she should have and was servicing each table with a smile. When she came back to our table with our check, I told her I had been watching her and complimented her on the job she had done. And I told her that with each of those tables, including ours, she had made our day. And with that, I gave her a button that says “I’m a Day Maker”.

This young lady was beaming. She pinned the button onto her apron and as we were leaving I heard her explain to another customer what the button was all about.

That simple act of kindness brightened the day of this young lady. In your Running Shoe Monday Meeting…with the management team, suggest that they look for staff members who have gone out of their way to give customers extraordinary service and tell them they are making your customers day. And give them an “I’m a Day Maker” button. You can email us at and put Day Maker in the subject line. We’ll get back to you right away with ordering details.

Uncommon customer service is very important in maintaining and preserving customers. Customers are golden and if you can make their day, you’ll have a customer who comes back and tells their friends about you. What a great thing with your employees. Once a few of those buttons start to appear, employees will begin to wonder and will make an effort to win one of those buttons as well. And imagine what your customers will say when they see that button on one of your employees. The beauty is everyone can participate. Being a Day Maker is earned every single day.

Workshops, seminars and keynote addresses are available to you, your company and your association. Topics include: Keep Your Running Shoes On; What Do You Really $ell?; What Would You Do Today If Your Were Really Brave?; and Oh By The Way. The University of Street Smarts passion is to inspire new paradigms and help you look at yourself, your company and your industry differently and more productively.

Please email Norma Havens or Bob Belknap at The University of Street Smarts and let us know how your meeting went. Call us any time at (775) 746-5340 or Toll Free at
(877) 414-9985. Your great ideas could be part of our weekly Shoe Gram. And please feel free to pass this along to others you think would benefit from your Shoe-Gram.

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