Nov 8, 2010   
Shoe Gram, vol.83
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Let's make the most of a good recession!

It is absolutely true. This time and place in the business world and in the economy is filled with opportunity. It is this that many, if not most, of us have spent an entire career in preparation.

Business as we know it has changed. Our Cheese has been moved! (If you haven’t already, go to and order a copy of and read “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr. Spencer Johnson, MD.)

Are we open to new ideas and new opportunities to find new revenue streams or new ways to market ourselves? Have we looked at every aspect of our company looking for new efficiencies? Have we explored every opportunity to engage our employees and are we utilizing them and their contact with our customers and vendors to optimum advantage?

We’ve been around long enough to venture a pretty safe guess and bet that the answer is NO to at least one of those questions.
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Here is your swift kick in the butt challenge: We’re approaching the end of the calendar year. Step back and take a 30,000 foot view of your company, your process and your procedures. Ask yourself and your power team, “What would it take to answer the all above questions with “YESES”?  Start asking your supervisory staff to talk to customers and employees. Learn where they see opportunities and their thoughts on implementation.

In your Running Shoe Monday Meeting, start the discussion with opportunities for greatness and growth. Everybody shares their thoughts. Test the waters with all of your staff. Those with positive outlooks are those who will go the distance with the company. Discover ways of tapping into their knowledge and experience with your customers. Engage and empower them to be the kind of employees you want them to be.

Now go out and capitalize on the opportunities and possibilities that you’ve spent your career building towards. And we will all recover sooner and more solidly.

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Norma Havens or Bob Belknap at The University of Street Smarts are available to speak to your company, trade association or convention on this and other subjects. Call (775) 746-5340 or Toll Free at (877) 414-9985.
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