Nov 15, 2010   
Shoe Gram, vol.84
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What is plugging you up?

That’s a great question if you’re a plumber and are asking that of a customer. Ask it about your business. What is keeping you from growing, meeting expectations or surviving our economic Tsunami?

There could be a whole list of reasons. We’re suggesting that you take a look at and get on the table all of the things that are in your way. List them, prioritize them and think about ways you can change them, alter them, make them better, get rid of them…AND WHAT WOULD IT BE WORTH TO YOU TO HAVE JUST ONE OF THOSE PLUGGING UP THINGS TAKEN CARE OF?

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Here is your swift kick in the butt challenge: Only if you are brave enough and bold enough be brutally honest with yourself and decide on the items above. Create the list, sort through it and prioritize that which plugs you up and work on a strategy to have these be unplugged.

In your Running Shoe Monday Meeting, ask the staff the very same question. What is plugging you and us up? What are the things that get in our way? Bring with you a clean toilet plunger and give it away as the award for coming up with the best “Unplugging” idea. If you’re plugged up we guarantee your staff is plugged up. Have some fun with it…it could be a traveling trophy or new trophies given out weekly. The bottom line is to get people involved, engaged and smiling along the way.

Remember, admission to a Running Shoe Monday Meeting is an idea. These Shoe Grams may be just the catalyst you need to stimulate ideas and engage the employees to be a part of “why we are here and what we are doing”. So we encourage you to take these to your staff meetings.
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Norma Havens or Bob Belknap at The University of Street Smarts are available to speak to your company, trade association or convention on this and other subjects. Call (775) 746-5340 or Toll Free at (877) 414-9985.
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